Essay about The Effects Of Organized Activities On Children

Essay about The Effects Of Organized Activities On Children

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“In order to evaluate how these organized activities contribute to development, scholars are examining whether they help children” (Mahoney, Eccles, & Larson, 2005, p.5). Having children participate in organized activities are extremely beneficial for all developmental skills. Not all children experience group activities or even working as a team. Setting up things to help those open up socially and emotionally happen with any partner game. Along with helping children learn and develop rules at a younger age. Research says that when a child learns a simple schedule or a set of rule when they are adolescents it will encourage them to grow and work through adulthood. Allowing children to participate in these organized activities will also help prevent behavior problems. When you have an activity that is not well maintained or set up a child with behavior issues will indeed act out. They need to have some type of structure to keep them on the lines of what is going on. When behavior children start to wander off that is when they get in the most trouble. “Children do not fare well in rigidly structured programs where staff members have a harsh style of interacting, but benefit from attending flexible programs with varied activities and supportive staff” (Larner, 2013, p. 32). Though most think that aftercare is for younger children technically being involved in an afterschool activity such as; sports, drama, dance or any kind of club is considered aftercare. Therefore high school students still take advantage of aftercare. Without even knowing they are in an aftercare program because they are so into what it is they are doing. “When communities and program providers unite to recruit and engage youth in high-quality afterschool exper...

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... day. This is where the greatness of an aftercare facility kicks in. Families can send their children to somewhere safe where they can develop more skills or continue to learn. Most aftercare programs not only provide a safe spot for children but also a snack or even a meal. Daycare facility will provide children with breakfast, lunch and supper. Not only does this benefit the children but also their parents, these children who live in low income environment eat better at school then they do at home. “The findings, however, demonstrate the benefits of continuous participation in high-quality afterschool programs, community activities, and supervised home settings for youth from economically disadvantaged families”(Vandell, Reisner, & Pierce, 2007, p.6). At times those who are unfortunate can come to places like school and aftercare and receive the best right there.

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