The Effects Of Mixed Race On North Korea Essay

The Effects Of Mixed Race On North Korea Essay

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Imagine having to worry about expressing your own ideas freely and struggling to provide your family with food. In North Korea massive amounts of people are dying while military and government officials refuse to provide for them, but instead chose to kill. A breakdown of information including the people targeted, the punishment of these people, and how genocide can be eliminated will help to better understand this serious problem.
The people targeted include most common citizens and even women and children. Since every person and family in North Korea is seen to be at the same standard and social class, not one is treated better than another. Every family can expect unfair and harmful treatment, but sometimes if there is history of mixed race in a family they are targeted more. Mixed race in North Korea is not common anymore, since there is no outside interaction, but when a family has an ancestor being Chinese or South Korean those families aren’t seen as “pure”. Families doomed with this inheritance expect to receive fewer rations and more punishments for any suspicious behavior than that a normal pure North Korean family would expect (Rummel, 2002). In olden times women were seen less then equal to men in society all over the world. This aspect has improved drastically all over the world, even in most societies, yet in North Korea it has seemed that society has been at a standstill since Korea split into two countries. Women aren’t seen to have the same rights as men yet they are expected to work just as hard as men physically when laboring. While expected to perform hard physical tasks women are also expected to maintain the household and be in charge of the children (Humphrey, 1995). Children are not saved from harmful t...

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...times. Since the country is so isolated and communication is not kept with the outside world, electricity is a problem there (Cunningham, 2014). In fact there are satellite pictures of Korea and you can clearly distinguish North from South. On picture South Korea is light up in many places showing big cities and life, and right beside in North Korea is very very dark barely seeing light at all. On top of electricity running water is not expected to be a normal function in a home. Escapees say that you don’t know when you will have access to running water so when it comes, you store it, similar to how people do in America when expecting a big storm or blizzard. When needed the water is heated in unconventional ways, making for much struggle if a family ever runs out. All these problems seem great yet fixable, so why is this country still so isolated and in trouble?

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