Essay on The Effects of Human Trafficking on Pop Culture

Essay on The Effects of Human Trafficking on Pop Culture

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Human trafficking has been one of the most talked about subjects for years. Human trafficking is the act of kidnapping, transporting or harboring an individual by use of force or intimidation for exploitation purposes. Prostitution, sweatshop working and even construction are all forms of exploitation. Due to new technology human trafficking has increased making it easy for the traffickers by allowing unidentifiable information available. Human trafficking goes back to the United States History. The most horrific story of human trafficking in the United States was the African people being brought to the Americas to work as slaves. The conditions were horrific and the legacy of those actions is still felt today, with over millions people transported over the Atlantic Ocean. At least 20% of the people died on the way, when considering that it is probably a low percentage compared to the reality. That does not account for the internal displacement that happened during the time period, when the entire continent was caught up in the slave trade (Pearson, 2009). The United States did not ...

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