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Human trafficking is the illegal transport, reception, and/or housing of human beings against their will. It’s an action. An important component of human trafficking is that the intent be to enslave the person. Enslaved persons, largely comprised of women and children, are forced to be house servants, to do heavy labor like working in fields, and/or to commit various sex acts. They can be tricked into going with the trafficker because they believe that they’re going to be smuggled into another country, hired for a job, or in other ways. They are also often taken by force. Slavery is dehumanizing, demeaning, and robs individuals of their own lives. Ensuring the human right from slavery is a task that many of countries have undertaken. President Barack Obama said it best: “It ought to concern every person, because it is a debasement of our common humanity. It ought to concern every community, because it tears at our social fabric. It ought to concern every business, because it distorts markets. It ought to concern every nation, because it endangers public health and fuels violence and organized crime. I’m talking about the injustice, the outrage, of human trafficking, which must be called by its true name – modern slavery.” ( One voice is like an ever expanding ripple. In choosing to become educated about the issue ourselves, we become able to contribute to raising awareness and awareness will help combat, even prevent, human trafficking.

According to the International Labour Organization (, there were almost 21 million slaves (“forced labour”) globally, numbering victims at 3 out of 1,000 people worldwide. Force 4 Compassion ( adds that “800,000 people are trafficked worldwide ...

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...ion for doing so is “enhanced public awareness, training, victim assistance, and law enforcement investigations”. The FBI has a list of initiatives on its’ site (, Health and Human Services on its’ site (, and the U.S. Department of State on its’ site ( The United Nations is also mobilized toward the “eradication” of human trafficking ( Again and again, government focus is on identifying and prosecution. Other organizations such as “Not for Sale” ( focus on shrinking the proverbial fishing pond through empowering the powerless, and lifting the vulnerable into stable standards of living. Apparently, a great many of us are as concerned as we “ought” to be but there’s plenty of room in that pond for more “ripples” of consciousness so that we too, join them in actively combating “modern slavery”.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that human trafficking is the illegal transport, reception, and/or housing of human beings against their will. ensuring the human right from slavery is a task that many countries have undertaken.
  • Explains that according to the international labour organization, there were almost 21 million slaves globally, numbering victims at 3 out of 1,000 people worldwide.
  • Describes how maria, a mexican-born 15-year-old, moved to california and was sold into slavery to an older white man who raped and abused her for five years. she was wrongfully convicted of her "boss's" murder and served over 22 years
  • Describes how indonesian john came to the united states believing that he would have a legitimate job waiting for him. he would be made to work great hours for months, fearing expulsion and beatings, until his fbi rescue.
  • Analyzes how brianna was an "all-american" middle-class 18-year-old who waitressed in her hometown diner. a regular customer and his wife around her parents' age frequented there and would ask her seemingly innocent questions about her preferences, plans, likes and dislikes.
  • Describes how brianna was swept off her feet by "the man of her dreams". he flirted with her and made her feel special and beautiful. he helped her become comfortable with working in a strip club.
  • Narrates how brianna's friend noticed some red flags and told her parents and that began her own realization that she was being duped. she battles human trafficking by telling her story.
  • Narrates how irina's nightmare ended when she had to prostitute and her passport had been taken from her. she was sold to someone else and financially fined.
  • Narrates how sarai from thailand was rescued at the tender age of 6. her parents were addicted to drugs and her mom had sold her for $10. tina from mexico got high when she was 9 years old.
  • Explains that edgardo was reared by his father from very early to be a killer. he killed his first man at 14 and over his lifetime he "carried out over 25 political assassinations for corrupt government leaders."
  • Analyzes how stories begin to bleed together and begin feeling like a list of compiled facts. the "human", in human trafficking can get lost in the overwhelming amount of data.
  • Explains that human trafficking is easy, hard to spot, and lucrative. the polaris project educates the public that even normal consumer goods, foreign or domestic, are often yielded from slave labor.
  • Explains that government agencies are pooling resources and working as separate entities with the common goal of completely eradicating human trafficking.
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