The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Identifying Mediating And Moderating Processes By Margaret O ' Doughterty Wright

The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Identifying Mediating And Moderating Processes By Margaret O ' Doughterty Wright

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Summary of the Proposed Article
The article, The Long- Term Impact of Emotional Abuse in Childhood: Identifying Mediating and Moderating Processes by Margaret O’Doughterty Wright, addresses the impacts of emotional abuse in childhood and its long-term consequences. This type of abuse has not received much attention in comparison to other forms of mistreatment such as physical or sexual abuse (Wright, 2007). Now that we are taking into account the severity of this form of maltreatment, we recognize that emotional abuse plays a significant role and is involved in all other types of neglect as well (Wright, 2007). Since it has been difficult to define exactly what emotional abuse entails, determining what constitutes a case of maltreatment has been challenging (Wright, 2007). As stated in the above article, when actions and behaviors such as, “humiliating, demeaning, threatening language or behavior, denial of affection, or isolating a child”, are severe or become a repeated pattern between the parent and child interaction, it is then cause for concern of child emotional abuse (Wright, 2007). Furthermore, the severity and prevalence of this maltreatment can alter one’s life in various facets across the lifespan (J. Tina Savla, 2013).
Six distinctive studies were analyzed that focused directly on the bearings that emotional child abuse has on one’s biological, psychological, and social well-being, and how this interfered with other relations and social interactions throughout one’s lifetime. An affected individual can present challenges in alternative social settings such as school, work, and in the community as well as in their personal relationships with family, companions, or friends. The stress and dysfunction that emotional abus...

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... repeat patterns of aggression and control in other relationships later in life. When one endures neglectful behavior and emotionally abusive relationships in the primary years, it lays a foundation for how one will handle and cope with stresses in alternative relationships throughout their lifespan (J. Tina Savla, 2013).
Mental and emotional stability are a topic that is of high interest to me, especially when pertaining to these issues in children. Emotional abuse in the primary years, impacts relationships and social interactions one will experience across the lifespan (J. Tina Savla, 2013). Emotional abuse has severe and long lasting effects that adds distress to those mistreated. It is important that we are educated and cultured on how this ill-treatment is presented and the signs that our victims portray so that early intervention is an option.

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