The Effects Of Early Poverty On The Young Children : Moderation By Autonomic Nervous System Activity

The Effects Of Early Poverty On The Young Children : Moderation By Autonomic Nervous System Activity

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Blair, Clancy, Daniel Berry, Roger Mills-Koonce, and Douglas Granger. "Cumulative Effects of Early Poverty on Cortisol in Young Children: Moderation by Autonomic Nervous System Activity." Psychoneuroendocrinology: 2666-675. Print.
This journal was a reflection of the findings of a study conducted to show that children who grow up in poverty have an increases risk for behavior problems and learning complications. The study used young children and their families from two geographical areas with high poverty rates in the United States. The families who participated were seen in their homes and data was collected starting at when the child was seven months and ending at 48 months. During this data collection, parents would also answer questions about the household demographics and income. The findings were consistent with their hypothesis, which was the correlation of early disadvantage with children’s cortisol levels. Also, the study concluded that stress and chaos in the home environment starting at birth through age two effects a child’s learning abilities.
This journal was very informative and will be useful when writing my final draft of my essay because there is scientific proof. This source is very important to my topic because it explains that when a home is stressful on children, this affects a child’s stress physiology which creates learning disabilities and many more issues. Many children in poverty have trouble learning and doing well in school and education is one of the main ways to get out of poverty, therefore if that cannot happen the poverty cycle is more likely to occur.
Brunce, Selvi. “Education and Economic Inequality: There is More to Know.” Communications & Mass Media Complete (2015): 266-69. Print.

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...calculated the effects of students that are in poverty. Results of the study are that children in poverty that participated in the full-day kindergarten programs had higher test scores in Math and English. Children who are in poverty had lower scores, but those who participated in full-day kindergarten almost gained what was lost from poverty. Schroeder suggests that full-day kindergarten offers the help students need to repair the gap, “providing full-day kindergarten programs to children of poverty may provide a bridge abating the academic gap that exist between indigent children and their counterparts.”
This study was very interesting that just by having a child participate in full-day kindergarten can offset the effects of poverty. This article will help me prove the importance of education on children and how poverty affects young children at a very young age.

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