The Effects Of Early Intervention On Adolescent Suicide Prevention Essay

The Effects Of Early Intervention On Adolescent Suicide Prevention Essay

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Early intervention could ultimately be the biggest advancement in adolescent
suicide prevention. Dealing with the problem at an early onset could ultimately diminish the problem while its small preventing the snowballing effect a problem can have when growing up through adolescence. Portner claims that,
“ experts say that in the best of all possible worlds, children’s emotional deficits would be catalogued in kindergarten. Spotlighting and giving early treatment to children with short attention spans, school phobias, or short fuses could greatly reduce problems in later grades, they say ”, (184 ).
Portner makes a good point, she claims that dealing with the issues at an early age could ultimately prevent them from harvesting them inside all those years and later in adolescence explode and act impulsively and irrationally. These kids should have gotten attention when they were younger to resolve the issues, they could have erased the stress from their lives. It is simply unnecessary and foolish for a little kid to stress out when he or she could get help from an adult. Another way one can detect a child with low self esteem or problems that could develope into reason for their thinking of suicide is a change in their behavior or unusual behavior. If a child tends to stray away from the crowd, has anger related problems, or simply doesn 't seem their usual self, they may be prone to teenage suicide. Galas shares a story where a child experiences abuse, “ one teen, Jerry, from the time he was five was brutally beaten by his stepfather whenever the dad discovered even small misbehaviors”, (37). This poor child suffered from such a young age and harvested the problems and emotion inside for years, Early intervention could have h...

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... they end up leading to suicide. There needs to be more counseling available. Free counseling should be available at school from school staff, at home from family, and from the troubled teenagers ' peers as well. Furthermore, early intervention needs to be done more often. A child shouldn 't have to wait years before they can deal with their problems. Suicide can successfully be prevented when dealt with early, at a young age in the child 's life. Teenage suicide must be learned about, understood, and put an end to. The trend must diminished. If we don 't do something about teenage suicide today while we still have the ability to reverse it and learn about it, then in later years it will become very difficult to try to do something about it. We need to take advantage of the time we have to put an end to teenage suicide and make a difference in our youth 's health.

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