The Effects Of Drug Trafficking On Urban Communities Essay

The Effects Of Drug Trafficking On Urban Communities Essay

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The Effects of Drug Trafficking in Urban Communities
Inner city youth are usually very impressionable due to less than ideal living conditions in their communities. As a result, it is easy to see why so many African American youth think that selling drug is a way out of poverty. Unfortunately, because of their surroundings, the only people they know with substantial amounts of money are the drug dealers they see in their community. Whether it is a friend of a friend or a close relative, these young people have become accustomed to this way of life. With dreams of one day making enough money to have just the bare necessities or the respect of their peers, these are some of the reasons why drug trafficking is so prevalent in urban areas. In the story The Coldest Winter Ever, by Sister Souljah, she describes how this, the sensationalism and fast money associated with drug trafficking within urban communities, effects a young girl who wants to emulate and hold on to this lifestyle.
The Coldest Winter Ever is about a young spoiled self-centered teenage girl, name Winter Santiaga and her family, who cared only for material things. While living in the projects of Brooklyn, New York, Winter’s father has become one of the most notorious and wealthy drug dealers in the community. Being a product of her environment, Winter’s parents showered her with outlandish gifts from the day she was born. Winter goes on to state that “It was important for me to know I deserved the best, no slum jewelry, cheap shoes, or knock-off designer stuff, only the real thing” (Souljah, 1999, p. 1). With this type of upbringing, Winter feels that she is privileged and entitled to anything she wants no matter what the cost. As a result of her father’s “business”...

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...imone and hooks up with a up and coming drug dealer from her old neighborhood. Blinded by her new boyfriend’s money, he sets her up to take the fall drugs that was in a car they were in and Winter was sent to prison.
Throughout this story, Winter came across people who was willing to help her change her life and move in a positive direction. However, due to her unwillingness to let go of the persona that her family had she made one bad decision after another. She allowed herself to become a product of her environment, with no morals and respect for anything or herself. As a result, by any means necessary was the way she lived in order to make a buck. The effects of her father’s drug trafficking played a devastating role throughout Winter’s life. Sister Souljah paints a vivid picture of this tragic story of an urban community that could be in any American city.

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