Essay About Drug Trafficking

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Through globalization, drugs are legalized and popularized among people in Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, and Uruguay which are countries having relaxed drug policies or decriminalize all drugs. However, drug use is still illegal in most countries, because of its destructive impacts on the human body. Since illegal drugs are expensive, people consider drug users to be wealthy in order to afford addictive drugs. Nevertheless, the young generation is addicted to drugs in the countries of poverty, because young people are the goal focused by drug trafficking, they are able to access both legal and illegal drugs, and youth uses drugs under the stress. Drug trafficking mainly focuses on young people in poor countries.…show more content…
In countries of poverty, lacking of security is a long-lasting common problem. Because some of the poor countries have corrupt government, and some of them might be in a tense situation which wars will happen at anytime. Laos, a Southeast Asian country, shares a border with China. In Laos, smuggling drugs is very popular, because of lacking of security. Germinating the seeds of drugs is easier in the country, since less people are in charge of public security. Since Laos is one of east Asia’s poorest countries, people are eager to get wealthy. By smuggling drugs, it is easier for people to earn a lot of money. With the access to drugs effortlessly, young people are easily addicted to drugs. Since young people do not know how to control themselves, using drugs becomes a serious…show more content…
The main cause of the stress is from the rate of high unemployment. Lacking of job opportunities is mentioned in the article, “Drugs and Development: The Global Impact of Drug Use and Trafficking on Social and Economic Development”, to analyze drug policy. The author Singer wrote, “as the U.N. report on the MDGs (2006, p. 25) affirms, ‘Without sufficient employment opportunities, many young people grow discouraged and feel worthless.’” Lack of job opportunities was the reason for young people to use drugs in order to gain the confidence. High unemployment of youth in poor countries brings young people stress. In article “Unemployed Youth Turned to Drugs”, the author Tommy Trenchard states unemployment is the cause of youth to use drugs. Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone which is a country in West Africa, and the high unemployment rate of youth leads to the culture of drugs. Trenchard wrote, “Youth unemployment in Sierra Leone stands at a staggering 70 percent, according to the World Bank, and many drug users in Freetown say that if the government provides jobs for them, they will no longer feel the need to use drugs and alcohol”. People use drugs in order to diminish daily stress. Lack of job opportunities is the primary cause of young people using drugs in the country of
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