The Effects Of Cover Crops On Agriculture Essay example

The Effects Of Cover Crops On Agriculture Essay example

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The use of cover crops in Californian agriculture seems to be a beneficial, as well as creative, method of solving issues relating to the environment. Although Californian culture is based so heavily on technological advancements it seems that in the agricultural sector is lacks behind in innovation. This is especially noted in the high use of gravity irrigation which is essentially the most primitive way of watering crops. These issues in California water rights are so complex that many of the restricting topics that our guest lecturer Claire O’Connor discussed could be the partial cause including access to capital, flawed water delivery systems, and tough law and policy. Since California water rights are so construed we should be looking at other ways to fix agriculture from a bottom-up approach, rather than wait for legislation to fix the pressing issues. Cover crops are an appealing and promising method to mitigate and relieve California agriculture of many of the issues it faced. In this response paper I will discuss many other positive benefits that the use of cover crops can have on agriculture aside from soil health, and how these other benefits can further convince farmers to implement there for their own gain.
As covered in class by our guest lecturer, Claire O’C as well as in her NRDC brief issue “How cover crops can make farms more resilient to extreme weather risks,” cover crops are specifically important for soil health because it “enable(s) farmers to better weather future drought and flood events” (O’Connor, 1). In the case of California this is important in light of the extreme drought and limited rainfall being experienced. Still water rights in California have made it very difficult for farmers to stress import...

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...ed. This could be a valuable incentive for
My concern in regards to cover crops during the lecture were how to implement them into California agriculture, because of how complex the water rights system is, farmers need more incentive to change their practices. Since 60% Californian farms are still using gravity irrigation, a sign that water conservation is not of upmost important, there must be more than just increased water retention to promote cover crops. Cover crops could possible replace or reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides through, this providing a monetary gain as well as the long term investment in soil health that comes with cover crops. These two other positive factors, pest management and weed suppressant, can be used in the promotion of cover crops into our agriculture habits to convince farmers to begin to implement this creative technique.

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