The Effects Of Concussions On Football And Boxing Essay

The Effects Of Concussions On Football And Boxing Essay

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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull. Injuries are common in most sports, but football and boxing have the deadliest injuries of them all, severe head trauma. In 2011, there were 120 cases of sport-related deaths of young athletes and over 65% of those cases were due to concussions, according to Southwest Athletic Trainers’ Association. Concussions lead to many different problems: confusion, anxiety, suicide, heightened risk of violence, the list goes on and on. Football isn’t the only sport that suffers from traumatic brain injuries, boxing is also one of the highest casualty rates in all of the sports. Would football still be football if there wasn’t such a thing as a concussion? Everyone in America has different views on how this issue should be addressed or situated. “Who Killed Benny Paret?” (Patterns, 13th ed. 337), “What Price Football?” (Patterns, 13th ed. 605), and “Would Football without Concussions Still Be Football” (Patterns, 13th ed. 610) help these arguments in given information about the problem of brain injuries in modern day sports. Concussions are, and will forever will be, apart of the American sport.
“Who Killed Benny Paret?” by Norman Cousins is a story that tells about the Benny Paret v. Emile Griffith. Paret was a boxer that was killed in a coma after being knocked out after several punches to the head after Griffith tied Paret up on the ropes and continuously gave blow after blow to the head. Paret suffered serious head trauma that caused him to die after being in a coma for nine days. “In the twelfth round, he was hit hard in the head several times, went down, was counted out...

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...e, it should be well known that this is still a problem. The quicker that someone can know if a person has a concussion, severe or not, the better that person will recover and survive through the concussion. Personally I know what a concussion feels like, not severe, but it feels like you don 't know what’s right or what is in the right place in life. Benny Paret didn’t even know how a concussion felt like, he saw light and then darkness, but now he’s soaring high where he feels limitless. People need to realize that caring for an individual with a concussion can help lead to that persons recovering and quality of life. Knowing that person has people caring for him/her. It’s time that we address the issue at hand of just giving them medication and feeling like their lives actually mean something. Concussions are, and will forever will be, apart of the American sport.

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