Football Injuries

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n a couple games my freshmen year of high school football, I was a running back, and there were a few times where you would be hit and you wouldn’t remember the play. I thought I had a headache or something that every other football player got throughout a game, but I taught myself to suck it up to keep playing. I loved the game. Why not keep playing? I would stagger to the huddle and call a play that the team had never heard before, but I learned to fight through it and control it. That “it” could’ve been a concussion but I will never know. Eventually I would remember everything. Now concussions are something more than an injury. They are the most dangerous injury in all sports. Concussions will effect you the rest of your life, and your brain will never be the same. Concussions are bleeding on the brain, and that bleeding on the brain may cause future problems later in athlete’s lives. Many football players don’t even think about the consequences of brain injuries before playing NFL games. Eventually, the players find out about the consequences. Therefore, many football players love the game but hate the results because of short term memory loss, long term brain problems, reoccurring concussions, and life long brain injuries. Brain injuries play a major role in football. They are one of the most highly talked about injuries throughout sports, especially in football. Reoccurring concussions also occur too frequent and cause many athletes other problems. These reoccurring brain injuries should be taken care of the after the first concussion. A concussion can be bleeding on the brain, a simple headache, or loss of consciousness when struck in the head. Trainers and people in the medical field diagnose these brain injuries by loss... ... middle of paper ... ... life long brain problems are not worth the risk of only playing football for only 10 to 15 seasons. Terry Bradshaw said that if he knew about all of these studies on concussions and the consequences, he would probably have not played as long. Terry also told people that he wouldn’t have gone back in games with concussions if he knew about this studies. The outcomes from the head trauma are extreme things to deal with, and Terry would have thought about the outcomes of the game before playing professional football if he knew about the outcomes from head injuries. He does not think he would have played professional football. If I was able to play at the highest level in all of football, I would consider all of the possible safety concerns before playing in the NFL. Even playing high school football now, I will make sure to protect my head in every situation possible.
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