Essay about The Effects Of Child Foster Care On The Caring Of Children

Essay about The Effects Of Child Foster Care On The Caring Of Children

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The objective of this research is to attain elements about the concern in regard to child foster care and the risk factors. In addition, this research will look at the systemic failing of foster care and the effect it has on the caring of children. To obtain information about the elements of foster care which consists of many risk factors, information will be taken from pre-existing research, and different reviews of studies of children in the foster care system, as well as social service agencies, whose responsibility is to provide insight into the social ambivalence of children’s situations when place in a foster home. Data will be descriptive and comparative of qualitative study and mental health diagnoses. The objective is to provide a public consciousness to foster care children, to bring awareness to policy-makers on the failure of the system, and to improve on the social policies which protect the rights of children.

The foster care system has increased in popularity, with an overwhelming number of children being removed from their homes because of abusive parents or adults living in the residence where the children reside. The Foster Care Agency is set up to assist children who have been physically, mentally, and sexually abused. Empirically, other abusive behaviors generate other effects such as emotional, and chronic abuse that also affect the well-being of the children. With all these factors in place, they give the Foster Care agency legal grounds for removal of the children.
The Foster Care agency was set up to be informal or arranged through the courts or other social agencies when parent...

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... contribute to a child being abused. Children living below the poverty line is abuse every 47 second. However child abuse has no racial line it goes beyond poverty which has no cultural divide when a child is being abused.
Researcher have comparatively few studies which actual addresses acumen of children being care for. The factor of children being abuse in the foster homes is secondary data based primarily on the agency of social workers and foster parents. Foster Care agency caseworkers are assigned too many cases, but it is their job to place children in an experienced foster care home. The foster care home is based primarily on the perspectives of the caseworker or social worker. Their job is to prepare the children or child for transition into a foster care home with the promise that they would be monitored while in the care of a foster home family.

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