Essay on Effects of Cell Phones on American Culture

Essay on Effects of Cell Phones on American Culture

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Technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the past decade. We can now do things on the go, including social networking, shop, check email, not to mention, make a call. As technology develops, electronics get smaller and smaller. Over 10 years ago, cell phones were the size of (if not larger than) cordless house phones. We would only see them being carried by business men or lawyers. Now there are 8 year olds with blackberry’s. Cell phones are a huge part of most of our lives, But what effects have they had on American culture?

Sure cell phones make life easier. No longer do we have to call someone to convey a message, just send a text. It’s convenient to be able to call a number and have the person you're looking for pick up, kind of like a direct line. It Takes out the anxiety of wanting to call someone, but being afraid their parents or siblings, or even their significant other will pick up. Many people are getting rid of landline phones all together because everyone in the family has a cell phone. They are like a handheld person assistant. We can set alarms, set appointmen...

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