The Effects Of Addiction On Adolescent Brain Development Essay

The Effects Of Addiction On Adolescent Brain Development Essay

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Addiction in Adolescence
Addiction in adolescence is considered to be an ongoing issue in the world today. “At least 29% of adolescents have experimented with illegal drugs by the time they have completed the eight grade, and about 41% of them have consumed alcohol” ("Adolescence and Substance Abuse | National Child Traumatic Stress Network - Child Trauma Home," 2008). In which today is considered no not only be a significant public health problem but also normal behavior among teenagers.
An addiction is considered to be a “chronic relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite the many different harmful consequences” (Influence of Substance Use on Adolescent Brain Development), while abuse is the habitual taking of the many different addictive and or illegal drugs to include alcohol. Both abuse and addiction have causes a change in the brain over time and can have a powerful disruptive effect on a person. The major difference between the two is that someone can abuse drugs without necessarily being addicted to them. Abuse is based more around the way a person uses drugs and addiction is based on not only the use of drugs but also the psychological effects that the drugs have on one’s body.
In adolescent substance use can include anything from smoking, drinking, misusing prescription drugs to using illegal drugs. Today children that fall in this category are barely finding out who they are and are put in positions by other kids both of the same age and older to try new things. However, any form of addictive behavior can cause problems with one’s health. Alcohol is considered to be the most abused substance by adolescents, then marijuana and tobacco. Adolescence is a very important pe...

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...d information for both residential and non residential adolescent substance abuse treatment due to the increased numbers of children abusing drugs. Other places have started accepting public funded health insurance for assessments and individual counseling as well. Many things are being done however the up rise continues.
Overall substance abuses and addiction is not something just found in adults, today many adolescents are faced with either one or the other. While early detection is always the better so is faith, beliefs and family. There are many programs out there to help with substance abuse and addiction, so getting help should not be considered an issue. Those who have taught the word of God to their children without force are said to not have to worry as much but in the end substance abuse and or addiction does exist and should be taken serious.

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