Essay about Effective Teaching And Classroom Management

Essay about Effective Teaching And Classroom Management

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Effective Teaching and Classroom Management
Teachers play a major role in all classrooms and are considered to be the back bone of the classroom and an imperative aspect in teaching is having a classroom that is manageable, another vital feature is the environment because in order for effective teaching and classroom management to occur there needs to be a satisfactory environment available. Classrooms that are disrupted in any shape or form affect the teacher’s ability to teach to their full potential and also disrupt the student’s ability to learn (Marsh, 2010, pg222).
Key factors that will assist teachers in the classroom are eliminating behaviours that can be problematic, which are normally presented by children in pre-school. These behaviours come across as being excessively noisy, playing roughly around other students and requiring full attention at all times. Research evidence has shown that some students in early primary school are easily distracted, their attention span is short and unable to always follow direction. However, high school students have a habit of constantly talking, this is due to peer pressure from parents, teachers and also themselves wanting to fit in with the crowd, rather than following the teacher’s instructions. “Classroom management aims to provide effective learning opportunities for students or planned activities” (Marsh, 2010, pg222). According to Marsh, teaching is not all about having a time limit especially when it is in lower Primary.
An effective teacher is one that possess the skills, attitude and knowledge of the following. Firstly, always being attentive and aware of what is happening in the classroom, must be Withy which is defined as being conscious of what is happening and interv...

... middle of paper ...

...rn ‘assimilation’ and ‘accommodation’. The assimilation happens when a child incorporates new knowledge into existing knowledge while accommodation occurs when the child adjust to new information. (Marsh, 2010, pg.39). Having the developmental theory in mind different races have a different understanding of processing information. This is due to their cultural background genetics, disabilities and language barriers which does impact the developmental stage. This is why effective teachers that can manage classroom and learn the ability to cater for all students, at the same time treat all students equally no matter their gender, colour, background or language.
Teachers are the fundamental key to learning .In conclusion teachers should be given credit for their hard work and dedication. All teachers attempt the best they can to educate their students the in right way.

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