Classroom Management Philosophy

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Classroom Management Plan

A. Theoretical Introduction

Philosophy of Classroom Management

My philosophy of classroom management is based on the individual relationships I form with each student, on the relationships they form with each other, and on the expectations I place on myself in relationship to my capabilities as a teacher. Just as with adults living together in our global world, I believe that as a teacher, it is my responsibility to recognize the individual differences inherent to every child “living together” in the classroom, and to implement an environment of mutual respect and support of social camaraderie with an ambition towards education.

I believe that the structure of classroom management should be facilitated by the teacher, agreed upon by both students and teacher, be open to revision, and be flexible to accommodate for growth and change in the needs of all classroom participants. I believe that part of implementing any form of classroom management is the recognition that “learning” is generated not only through textbooks and lesson plans, but also through interaction and communication prompted as a result of the social learning environment built-in to our classrooms. Just as there is sometimes validity in the expression, “Wake up to reality!” The classroom is a stepping stone into the “reality” of an adult society. The relationships formed within the walls of my classroom will be based on the utilization of the inherent differences of individuals -- including the teacher -- whose desires may or may not be identical to one another.

I believe that the ultimate goal of classroom management is for the teacher to prepare his/her students for socializ...

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...tudents facing a chalkboard in silence. I want a classroom that is full of conversation and questions. I would like to see students freely asking questions without raising their hands, and being courteous to let others speak first whenever more than one student has the desire to speak. I would like to hear words like “thank you” and “please” used in commonplace conversation. I do not want to spend time sitting at my desk if my students are in the classroom. I expect to be wearing comfortable tennis shoes to school every day so that I am up and wandering amongst my students. Just as the “garden” that I bring into my classroom, I want to be witness to the growth of children in both their learning accomplishments and in their growth as individuals. I want to be the person that at the end of the day, smiles and give “little” hugs to kids I cannot help but adore.

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