Effective Teachers and Their Importance Essay

Effective Teachers and Their Importance Essay

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Most people do not see teaching as a critical job. The failed to realize that teachers are shaping the future leaders of our country. Even worst, some teachers do not recognize the significance of their jobs. They do not understand that our country will need more than a set of memorized rules to stay on the vanguard. Teachers must possess and exhibit an array of features that demonstrate their ability to create successful learning experiences. Teachers ought to cause successful learning, create interest, and increase competence and confidence in students (Wiggins, 2010). Observation and reflection are great tools for professional growth. “Reflection is an integral part of teaching. It is the reflection on the past that allows you to grow in the future” (Kottler, Zehm, & Kottler, 2005). When teachers are able to identify the strengths and effective characteristics of teaching they can reflect on their own techniques. This reflection will allow them to enhance the learning opportunities in the classroom. The video Read With Activity demonstrated some of the effective practices required to implement a fruitful learning environment. It gave me the opportunity to determine specific behaviors that support effective learning experiences. Moreover, I was able to identify ways to improve the lesson.
The consensus amongst all research points to the teacher as the most influential indicators of student achievement (Rivkin, Hanushek, & Kain, 2001). In order to obtain the desired achievement a teacher should have a deep understanding of the course she is teaching. According to the National Board Standards, teachers should know their subject matter and how to teach it (NBPTS, 2012). During the video, Dr. Bear clearly revealed his knowledge o...

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