Effective Digital Asset Management Essay

Effective Digital Asset Management Essay

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“According to Forrester Research, American workers spend $404 billion annually, or 11% of all U.S. wages, looking for the information they need to do their jobs. Giving employees the right tools to stay afloat in a data and knowledge-driven workplace is imperative across the board.”[1]

With the world of digital data growing exponentially year on year, the above quote could just represent a mere drop in the ocean when accounting for the time workers spend looking for information. The next question is, once the information has been found, can it then actually be interpreted and understood within its original context and in the context required? Without adequate systems to deal with the data deluge, and efficient working practices around ingestion, and storage and retrieval, many digital objects can be lost forever, floating in a digital ether, costing money not only in storage, but in the potential recreation of an existing asset, as well as in lost time searching and retrieving content.

The world of digital asset management does provide many solutions to all the above, however this is only if a system is researched, planned and implemented to meet its requirements. Rather than finding a system which says it delivers to a business or institutions needs, a voyage of discovery needs to be taken to ensure the system does not only meet the needs of the institution, but also the user, the assets and changes in future technology. There are steps which should be taken when looking to implement a DAM system, and working through each of them methodically will result in finding a solution which delivers what is needed, as well as providing a framework for best practice within a company and contributing to the economi...

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