The Effect of Unethical Methods in the Corparate World Essay

The Effect of Unethical Methods in the Corparate World Essay

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Corporate wrong doing in the United States helped in the collapsed of numerous corporations as it was the case that happened in 2002 with Enron and others. Currently, there are many people who are hesitant to trust in anything they might hear regarding the integrity of certain corporations. In 2002, we experienced what happened when corporate integrity gets ignore. The American people lived through a scandal that rock our nation economic with companies like Enron and WorldCom to include other, as being responsible for their employee disregarding corporate integrity by their CEOs and greeted executive’s decisions. The American people feel that corporations benefitted from a broken down system that neglected to ensure all businesses maintain good corporate integrity and the government to holds them accountable for their wrongdoing.
The general public here in America continued to believe that during the dark times of the Enron disaster, the government did little to punish those who were making those unethical decision and that the system was bamboozled by certain corporate executives; those who did their bidding at the expenditure of investors. It is necessary and important that our society maintained corporate integrity in check or we could endure more company’s meltdowns or we could suffer again from those executives who are greeted.

In the past 25 or 30 years, businesses in America have grown significantly in power and magnitude. Globalization has changed the way corporations do business and also have remain an endless discussion for those who see it as good or bad for corporate world. Large corporations like the retail store Walmart have turn out to be an enormous and dominating global organization. According to Mora...

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...mployee should feel that they could speak up if they see any unethical behaviors in the workplace without feeling that the company or individual will retaliate. Employees must have trust in colleagues. If a corporation has esprit de corps, they could keep a watch over their own behaviors. One of the most important qualities that should be in established in the workplace is a strong employee-manager relationship. If both employee and employer have a good relationship, they would both look out for the best interest of the company; corporate integrity would be a priority.
Principled “tone from the top”, corporate leader should make a commitment and repeated commitments all over the company to highlight the importance to the organization of compliance and ethical conduct, which could be accepted and integrated into every single level of the business operation.

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