The Effect of the Introduction of Stock Index Futures Trading on the Chinese Stock Markets

The Effect of the Introduction of Stock Index Futures Trading on the Chinese Stock Markets

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This paper examines the effect of the introduction of stock index futures trading on the Chinese stock markets. I will mainly discuss two topics: (1) stock price volatility and trading efficiency, and (2) the arbitrage trading related to the stock index futures trading. In the two topics, I explore the empirical research results in Korean derivatives market. The empirical results give the following implications to Chinese stock markets.
First, there are less market frictions in the futures market than in the underlying spot market. If futures prices adjust quickly to new information and the effect is transferred to the spot market through arbitrage between the two markets, then the futures market would function to help reduce market frictions in the spot market. So, the introduction of futures trading in China is expected to increase both stock price volatility and the trading efficiency in the spot market.
Secondly, considering that market participants have less information on non-CSI 300 stocks than CSI 300 stocks, the futures market information would become valuable not only to investors on CSI 300 stocks but also to those on less recognized CSI 300 stocks. So, the futures trading would produce more trading in non-CSI 300 stocks than without its trading, leading to an increase in both spot price volatility and trading efficiency of non-CSI 300 stocks.
Thirdly, the market regulations and restrictions would contribute to the stabilization of the underlying stock market by reducing spot price volatility of the underlying stocks, especially when the markets are extremely volatile as financial crisis does. However, these market restrictions would disturb the efficient transfer of futures market information into the pricing of t...

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...x would be more volatile during the last hour of trading on the expiration day.

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