The Effect Of Recess On Children 's Learning, Social Development, And Health

The Effect Of Recess On Children 's Learning, Social Development, And Health

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I always knew recess was important, but after taking this course I learned how it targets all aspects of child development such as cognitive, creative, emotional, physical, and social on the whole child. Recess should be an unstructured, positive experience that should influence children’s learning, social development, and health.
There are significant cognitive benefits of recess that should be taken into serious consideration in schools. The American Association for the Child 's Right to Play reports that as many as 40 percent of school districts in the United States have reduced recess in the past few years. Researchers keep finding more evidence that play and recess are essential in a child’s everyday life. Studies have been shown that play improves memory and focus. Playgrounds are meant for children to challenge themselves through decision-making and risk taking. Studies have shown that children have a greater attention plan after engaging in free play.
Creative play is the type of play I believe is declining the most rapidly. I think children are becoming less creative due to the increase in use of technology. Children are constantly playing video games or games on their phones. Recess is a time for children to engage in free, non-structured play and learn through exploring. Stephanie Pappas suggests that plans need to be put into action to improve children’s playground experiences. She discusses an organization Playworks, that has trained play workers teach traditional playground games such as four square, rock-paper-scissor, and hopscotch to promote play and creativity.
Children have the ability to express themselves emotionally on the playground. There are opportunities to play alone or with other children. Children e...

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...was that children in forest school do not need as many toys because they are so accustomed to playing with natural resources. The closest experience I have had to a forest school is the girl scout camp I went to as a child. Everyone was outside the whole time except at the dining hall. We would sing, make crafts, look at the stars and cook food at the campsite. It was hard to get used to the first summer I attended the camp, but then I grew to love it. Being outdoors, immersed in nature is important.

In conclusion, forest school offers children a chance to learn independence by challenging themselves. This outdoor approach to play gives the developing child endless opportunities to learn through nature’s natural resources. Forest school aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

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