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The topic I am going to being doing for my project at my placement at Camperdown nursery is the benefits of outdoor play. There are seven benefits of outdoor play for children, they are learning, creativity, health, social skills, wellbeing and independence. Outdoor play encourages children to go outside and get fresh air and burn off some energy, it can improve their physical development. This relates to my placement as the children get the opportunity to go outside and run about as much as possible on a daily basis.
The reason for my chosen topic is because I am interested in finding out more about all the benefits of outdoor play and how it has an impact on the child’s physical and social development. I would also like to find out more about
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Also the impact it has on the child’s physical and social development.
1. I will complete a literature Review in order to find out the benefits of outdoor play and I will get my information from internet, books and placement. This will be completed by 20th April 2016
2. I will review the play policies in my setting and see what information I can gather on outdoor play. This will be completed by 23rd March 2016
3. I will complete 2/3 various types of observations on children in my setting to see how it impacts on their physical and social development. This will be completed by 9th March 2016
4. I will complete a face to face interview with a practitioner in my setting to get their views on outdoor play. This will be completed by 16th March 2016
5. I will complete all my work and evaluate everything I found out and how well I thought it all went. This will be completed by 4th May 2016
I had a meeting with my tutor and I discussed with her what my topic was, I explained why I was interested in doing it. I explained what my aims were and I was told it sounded good. My tutor agreed that this topic is a good one to
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They can explore the outdoors and do activity that they enjoy. This topic links to the curriculum and GIRFEC as every child has the right to have their needs met and to be protected. The curriculum is to give children equal opportunities to learn and develop their own ability with a holistic approach.
The Play Strategy for Scotland is a national initiative that is very much relevant to my topic. The main aim is to create the best place for children to grow up in Scotland. It also aims to achieve making children able to play safely in their environment. The initiative links to my topic as it identifies the importance of play being a life-enhancing daily experience and its contribution to a happy, healthy childhood. The Play Strategy also protects children’s ability to play. (The Scottish Government, 2013)
My topic links to the curriculum for Excellence as it emphasises that children learn through active play such as spontaneous play, planned, purposeful play along with investigating and exploring. (Scottish Executive Education Department,

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