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The Problem
Does the angle of a pendulum increase or decrease its swings per minute and what is the effect of the angle of release of the pendulum on it’s swings per minute? A pendulum is something hanging from a string or chain that when released, swings back and forth because of gravity ( “Academy Pendulums”). The swinging is caused by air resistance going in the opposite direction as the pendulum, making it go back and forth. A bob is the weight at the bottom of the pendulum. When a pendulum is released, it is pulled downward by gravity and accelerates 9.8 meters per second as it falls. When it swings upwards, it loses 9.8 meters per second. When a pendulum goes forward and then back again one time it is called an oscillation. An oscillation is when the mass (or the bob) completes one full back and forth cycle.
Galileo Galilei was the first scientist to recognize this phenomenon. He was observing a chandelier swinging from side to side, and measured the length of each swing using his pulse. In 1656, scientist Christian Huygens set Galileo's idea into motion by inventing a clock that is controlled by the movement of the pendulum. The movement of the pendulum accurately measured seconds. The pendulum is still used in certain kinds of clocks like grandfather clocks (“Britannica”).

If the angle at which the pendulum is released increases then the swings per minute will increase because the increase of the pendulum's falling location increases the amount of speed it gains while swinging. When using a metronome, if the stick is released at a greater angle, the ticks per minute increase because the speed at which it moves back and forth increases. This example shows how the angle at which a pendulum is released affects...

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...um's swings per minute was because angle changes things often. Besides from a pendulum, a change in angle usually results in a drastic change. For example, if a stick is standing up perpendicular to the ground, it is at a 90 degree angle. If said stick were to have been at a 80 degree angle it would have fallen over. This idea of a stick relates to the angle experiment because it shows how the release location of something should have a big part in its released results, but what was interesting was that in the case of the pendulum, the results do not change.


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