The Effect Of Color On The Human Mind Essay

The Effect Of Color On The Human Mind Essay

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Wassily Kandinsky said, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” (Baldwin) Visualize a perfect day at the beach. The sky is a flawless, blue, pool reflecting onto the deep, navy sea. Amidst the bottomless azure, frothy white waves swell towards the tan and white sand and broken pink seashells. The sun, though causing squinty eyes, shines cheerfully on suntanned skin and yellow polka-dot bikinis, producing a state of cheerfulness upon its onlookers. Phrases like “green with envy”, “feeling blue”, and “tickled pink” have been used throughout history to determine the correlation between color and emotion. Clearly, color has the ability to significantly affect people, both psychologically and physiologically, and all colors produce a different response.
Color has a direct correlation with people’s state of mind. The study of the psychological effect of color on the human mind is called chromo dynamics. (Lewis) Through chromo dynamics, scientists are aiming to determine the relationship between color and emotion and how colors can be used to affect behavior in predictable ways. (Lewis). Researches have shown that the color of objects and environments has a considerable influence on both the performance and the emotion of the person within the environment. Evidence of the effects of chromo dynamics was shown in a study conducted at the University of Georgia. It involved ninety-eight college students who were asked to specify their emotional responses to several shades and colors and depict the reasons for their choices. The students were placed in an office space with a computer. The computer showed images of colors and the students were asked to answer these questions: “What emotional response do you associate wi...

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...rategic use of color result in the interior mood of your choice, it can showcase some truly intriguing hues that make your interior an enticing one. Furthermore, when you create visual complexity, your home is a work of art, which can be truly inspiring and invigorating.” (Kahn) As designers and interior decorators have discovered, color sets a mood; this in turn, affects health because as many as half of modern man 's diseases may have a psychosomatic component.” (Gruson)
As shown throughout the scientific research and examples above, the effect color has on humans’ psychological and physiological states of mind, exceeds the normal belief that color preference is purely a matter of personal choice or taste. Careful consideration the effect of color should be an integral part in the design of our environment to sustain our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

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