Essay Effect of Athletic Participation on Academic Success of Adolescents

Essay Effect of Athletic Participation on Academic Success of Adolescents

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In recent studies it has been shown that participating in athletics may lead to adolescents having more success in the classroom than their non-sports playing counterparts. A survey done by Michigan State University and USA Today shows that, “35 million United States children between the ages of five and eighteen are involved in youth athletic programs and have a regular AP” (Youth Sports Statistics, 2013). Please note that AP throughout all research studies mentioned means “athletic participation.” While all research projects my classmates have done this semester in the field of child and adolescent development have relevance to a demographic today, mine has connection across all demographics. Whether it is students in low-income neighborhoods or those from high SES families, all can participate in youth sports in their community.
As I mentioned in my presentation last week, the study of how athletics affect academic of adolescents is so interesting because it crosses two different areas of study students have spoken about. A culmination of sorts between the values of exercise in recess and gym, crossed with the study of skills students need to succeed in the classroom; such skills as cooperation, information processing, and time management skills. Cooperation is defined in our textbook as, “collaboration on a task a small group of people working toward a common goal.” While information processing is, “a symbol-manipulating system of the human mind through which information flows” (Berk, 2012). These general skills, along with other become general themes as I review three articles on the topic of athletic participation on academic success of adolescents and then later as I discuss and critique the studies alongside each oth...

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...igh school students. Now that’s a score.

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