Essay on Effect of Achievement Motivation on Academic Performance

Essay on Effect of Achievement Motivation on Academic Performance

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Achievement Motivation (also termed need for achievement, N-Ach) refers to an individual's desire for significant accomplishment, mastering of skills to meet high standards of excellence. It includes the intense, prolonged and repeated efforts to accomplish something difficult, to work with singleness of purpose towards a high and distant goal and to have the determination to win.
In this report we have measured the degree of achievement motivation among students of BITS, Pilani to find its effect on their academic performance. The academic performance of students is measured in terms of their CGPA.
To measure achievement motivation we have developed a questionnaire using the achievement motivation inventory with relevant changes. The questions have been divided in four different categories.
We have measured correlation between the achievement motivation score in the respective categories and the CGPA. Further we have studied the relation between aggregate achievement motivation score and the CGPA. We have also taken into consideration the role of gender in our study.

Many researches have been conducted to investigate what motivates students for better academic performance and whether it has a correlation with achievement motivation.

In the words of Atkinson and Feather (1966) , “The strength of motivation to perform some act is assumed to be a multiplicative function of the strength of the motive, the expectancy (subjective probability) that the act will have as a consequence the attainment of an incentive, and the value of the incentive: Motivation = f(Motive X Expectancy X Incentive)”.
According to them, a person’s achievement oriented behavior is a product of three factors:

... middle of paper ...

...10 21 22 62 6.7
37 male 2nd year 16 7 20 19 62 7.4
38 male 2nd year 16 9 18 19 62 6
39 male 2nd year 11 12 15 23 61 7.15
40 female 2nd year 15 11 20 15 61 8.25
41 male 3rd year 13 9 17 22 61 8
42 male 2nd year 14 9 15 23 61 7.4
43 male 2nd year 12 9 19 21 61 8.22
44 female 2nd year 11 8 17 23 59 5.89
45 male 2nd year 17 13 14 15 59 6.85
46 male 2nd year 14 9 14 21 58 6.09
47 male 2nd year 13 10 14 20 57 7.56
48 female 2nd year 7 8 18 23 56 5.56
49 male 1st year 13 11 15 16 55 6.9
50 female 2nd year 15 13 10 17 55 6.7
51 male 2nd year 13 10 14 17 54 5.5
52 male 2nd year 11 7 18 17 53 5
53 male 2nd year 13 13 15 12 53 7.14
54 male 2nd year 11 10 15 13 49 6.3
55 female 2nd year 10 5 14 17 46 8.12
56 male 4th year 9 7 17 11 44 7
57 male 3rd year 11 4 17 12 44 5
Correlation Coefficient 0.582791546 0.45217043 0.2721251 0.4521634 0.63478

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