The Effect Experience Has On Attitudes Of General Education Teachers Essay

The Effect Experience Has On Attitudes Of General Education Teachers Essay

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Giangreco et al., (1993) documented the effect experience has on attitudes of general education teachers as well. Their qualitative study consisted of interviewing 19 general education teachers from ten different public schools in Vermont. The teachers indicated cautious and negative attitudes towards including students with special needs initially. However, upon interaction with the students, 17 out of 19 teachers reported an increased ownership and involvement with inclusion process (Giangreco, 1993). These teachers indicated a type of transformation including a willingness to learn new skills needed to teach in an inclusive setting as well as positive change in their attitudes. Giangreco concluded that direct experience of working with the child who received specialized services on an ongoing basis was a critical factor in the transformation of the general education teachers.
Forlin (2001) explored the potential stressors for teachers when including students with special needs. A group of 571 primary school teachers from Queensland, Australia, were surveyed in four areas including demographics and personal teaching data, information about students with disabilities, stressors associated with inclusion, and coping strategies used in inclusion (Forlin, 2001). Forlin’s results indicated that teachers’ professional competence, which involves the teacher’s commitment to maintain effective teaching for all children in their classroom, was an area of stress for teachers. The results also indicated that an increase in the number of years of experience and formal training with inclusion resulted in a reduction in stress.
Research on student teachers is also important as the attitudes they form during training ...

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...disabilities. However, those trainings to work with older students were less negative then those training to work with younger students when dealing with students with emotional or behavioral disabilities. Teacher experience with special needs did not seem to be a factor relating to attitudes (Hastings & Oakford, 2003).
Few general education teachers have received the training necessary to adapt their instruction and maximize their students’ achievement and many are presently teaching students with little or no formal training. (Coombs-Richardson & Mead, 2001). In an attempt to educate teachers, Project Inclusion, a two year project funded by the Louisiana Education Quality Fund, offered teachers a three course program involving consulting teachers strategies, methods of teaching basic subjects to students with disabilities (Coombs-Richardson & Mead, 2001).

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