Edward Jones: Holding a Competitive Advantage in the Broker Industry Essay

Edward Jones: Holding a Competitive Advantage in the Broker Industry Essay

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. If enacted, these proposals could significantly and adversely impact Edward Jones’ partnership's operating costs, its structure, its ability to generate revenue and its overall profitability.
Consolidation in discount brokerage industry raising competitive levels
The company faces intense competition for the clients that it serves and the products and services it offers. There has been significant consolidation as financial institutions with which the company competes have been acquired by or merged into or acquired other firms. For instance, in November 2010, The Charles Schwab Corporation acquired Windward Investment Management, Inc. for $150 million in cash and stock. In June 2009, TD Ameritrade completed the acquisition of thinkorswim Group Inc. thinkorswim is among the fastest growing online brokerage firms and has unique trading and investor education capabilities, particularly for the fastest growing segment of the industry-options trading. So, this acquisition underscores TD AMERITRADE's position as a successful industry consolidator. Consolidation in discount brokerage industry is creating larger rivals to compete with.
Porters Five Forces
Risk of new Entry by Potential Competitors
The threat of online competitors is also present to every discount broker that has not switched to online trading or chooses to remain with their current business model and not offer online services. These online trading sites have unique trading capabilities that otherwise are not present at Edward Jones. They offer sound advice on stocks and other investments instantly. Each customer has to call their Edward Jones advisor in order to place a trade. This makes sense to Edward Jones because they want to help prevent the rash decisio...

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