The Educational Philosophies Of Existentialism And Social Reconstructionism

The Educational Philosophies Of Existentialism And Social Reconstructionism

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Esteemed philosopher and writer Jiddu Krishnamurti is quoted saying “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning”. It is my educational philosophy that learning is innate and instinctual. I believe that learning should focus on the whole student and making them a well-rounded individual. I believe in the educational philosophies of existentialism and social reconstructionism. Learning should be student centered with the teacher as a helping hand and a guide.
Data shows that students are more successful in classroom settings that are not stressful. The less teachers and administrators mention and focus on testing, the more likely students are to excel. Students in private school settings that do not require standardized testing do just as well as students who are required to take standardized testing. I do not believe students should only learn with the intention of making good scores on end of the year tests. While some method of evaluating progress is necessary, evidence shows that standardized testing is not the only or even perhaps the best option. Maria Montessori believed that students can be assessed as they are learning if a teacher is paying proper attention. She believed that an effective teacher can essentially see when a student has discovered and mastered a skill.
Because the world is a diverse place, classrooms should be diverse in talents, cultures, and learning abilities. Effective teachers incorporate activities that promote and encourage students to interact with peers who are different from them. An example of encouraging cultural diversity is being s...

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...earning through the use of stations. It would be as simple as creating QR codes that open lessons. Technology can be a good way to decrease how much paper is used, which will encourage students to be environmentally conscious as well.
Learning is a life skill. I believe in the philosophies of existentialism and social reconstructionism because I believe they better prepare students to be positive members of society who are self-reliant and can make life decisions wisely. I believe learning should focus wholly on the molding of future members of society. I encourage teachers who believe education should be teacher-centered to remember that our students are our future and that teaching is a service just the same nursing or firefighting. It is our job as effective teachers to keep the focus on who we are serving, and that is the students we are trusted with every day.

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