My Philosophy Of Education : Progressivism And Existentialism

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My philosophy of education would be progressivism and existentialism. I would use progressivism because I like the hands-on learning style. Also, because I want to teach at a preschool or kindergarten. Children learn better if they have more hands-on learning then just sitting and listening to you talk. With progressivism, the education is child centered so your focus is your children and not a test. You have more freedom to teach them what they want to learn. You can make the learning more interactive, or shaped to the child’s learning style. The philosopher in progressivism that stood out to me was John Dewey. Per the textbook, Foundations of Education 12th edition, “Dewey had three levels of education; 1. “making and doing”, engages children in projects in which they explore their environment and act on their ideas. These activities help develop sensory and motor skills. 2. Broaden students’ concept of space and time in projects of history and geography. 3. “science”, bring students into contact with various subjects, for example Biology, Chemistry, Humanities.” (Pg.118) I like how Dewey incorporated everything into his three levels. First he looked at the child’s development, then what they can learn about the world, lastly science, all while trying to make it more hands-on. I like the project ideas, It forces the children to learn on their own. Dewey just wants to help people get the best education that they can in the best way possible. He won’t discriminate on your race, religion, gender, economic class, he thinks that people can learn from each other and their experiences. I like Dewey’s philosophy on education. For me I would probably do a lot of hands-on in my class. So, safe hand on science experiments, so the childr... ... middle of paper ... ... students to be racially mixed. Children should be taught that they are all that same no matter what. Also 2 to 6 year olds don’t care what color your skin is, all they want to do is play. At that age, they are so pure and they don’t know what the world is like, it is beautiful. It is important to have a philosophy of education because it help remind you why you got into teaching. It also is there as a map kind of, without it you wouldn’t know what you are teaching or why. A teaching philosophy should be personalized to you as what you want to teach students about, and how you want to teach them. Also, you get to learn about previous philosophers and what they brought to educations. Once you learn about them then you can take some of their ideas and put them all together to make your own teaching philosophy and what you believe is the best way to get an education.

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