Essay about Education Systems Now : Education System Now

Essay about Education Systems Now : Education System Now

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Education Systems Now
Most Americans now start schooling around age three or four, which is earlier than it used to be. That is because Pre-School was created so that kids would be better prepared for primary school. Primary school is from kindergarten to fifth grade, typically. Then, you move onto secondary school which consists of middle school and high school. This is usually grades sixth through twelfth. After completing high school, a majority of students then go onto college to further their education in a specific area. There are now colleges or institutes of technology that are around and only offer specific majors for certain fields of study. Some examples are welding schools, pipeline, science institutes, etc. (Understanding the American Education System, n.p.).
Instead of just textbooks and pencils and paper, there is also laptops, computers, projectors, and SmartBoards. Technology is what the typical classroom revolves around in today’s world. In high school, almost every one of my classrooms had at least 3 computers in it, and a SmartBoard or projector. Teachers do not often write things on the chalkboard or whiteboard anymore, the information is just projected onto the screen and presented by PowerPoint. Pretty much everything has been transformed into electronics.
Importance of Getting an Education Now
In today’s world, if you do not plan on going to college and getting a higher education then it will probably be very hard for you to support yourself. Many jobs require some sort of degree in order for you to get, so if you do not have an education then you are pretty much out of luck. The more educated you are, the better career option you may have. Sure some jobs do hire you if you just have a high school leve...

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...ance also increased the typical number of school days per year. Students normally go to school around 180 out of 365 days of the year, which is about 25 more days per year than it was in the 1950s (“America’s Schools in the 1950s vs. Today, n.p.).
A well-known psychiatrist for his work in child development, Jean Piaget, once said, “The principle goal of education is to create men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” Education and technology are both things that are going to be constantly changing and improving. There are new inventions being produced every day so that the world can move forward, and the advancement in technology and education is where these accomplishments should be accredited. If it were not for these new techniques being introduced, then progression would have never been possible.

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