Essay Educated Civilization Develops Our Society

Essay Educated Civilization Develops Our Society

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Education is the key symbol of one society, representing civilization and creation. High education is a transition of transforming a normal person to be more talented in order to create, to save, and more importantly, to contribute our society. University is the place giving me a chance to fulfill our dreams no matter what you want to be in the future. Among all these, we are lucky that we are here attending college. At the mean time, many of other students in our society are eager for schools. After I read the article, How to Help College Students Graduate. David L. Kirp claims that many students who want to study are dropping out from school because of different source of external elements. It also states that the graduation rates from universities have gone down on these years. The society demands a lot of educated and professional students to get in. In a democratic society, university should play a central role, provide education, and it can be treated as a right to everyone in order to support our citizen’s families, to keep mental health, and to get our economics better.
Education should be looked upon a right to everyone, just like freedom and existence. To make our education a right, the civil can choose to study wherever they get in troubles. “The situation is entirely different for most undergraduates, especially poor and minority students” (Kirp). For those of the students who drop out from school, the majority of them are suffering from poverty and seldom of help. Money is the main issue that affects people whether they go to school. “To help balance the demands of college with works, life and family obligations, students take their classes in a consolidated course schedule” (Kirp). External elements do strongly affe...

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...fect everyone’s life.
Universities are the center of every country to give citizen education and the right to study in a democratic society. Many developed countries spend a lot of money on education is because they also consider only educated people can take care and responsibility on their country. With the right of education, many students, especially the one with financial issues, can go to school as same as everyone. By taking apart of the discrimination on the poor, education can make ones stronger and equip themselves with different kinds of skills in the universities. In some universities, like mine, global education is important for those who wants to develop their society. With studying globally in the university, students can learn that how global studies change our world, and therefore, students will take their responsibilities on develop their society.

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