The Economic Impact of Violent Crime Essay

The Economic Impact of Violent Crime Essay

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The Economic Impact of Violent Crime

Crimes are not good for any society but an economic aspect is yet another topic of this issue. Violent crimes are expensive. Rapes, assassinations, assaults, as well as robberies and other extremist activities impose some concrete economic expenditures and outlays on the sufferers who survive over and above the families and relations of those who unfortunately lose their precious lives, in the failure of earnings as well as their physical plus psychological tolls. Most of the experts are of the view that the violent crimes and felonies also impose heavy costs on societies by means of lowering the values of property, augmenting the premium of insurance, and by reducing the rate of investment in the areas where crimes rate are comparatively high.
The most important factor is that the violent and brutal crimes inflict the common people living in the society. Experts are of the view that beside some emotional setbacks and shock these crimes wreak the economical setback to the people, who are not very affluent and well off. The government use to spend the money for the benefit of the general public. And to be honest, governments, around the globe, do not have their own means of generating money; it is basically the money of the tax payer which they use to spend. So, in their opinion, the offensive and violent crimes cause some severe damages on the economy. Litigation is not an easy process to deal with and often it needs lots of money which is required for paper work, expenses required for the maintenance of jail, food provided to the criminals and offenders plus the fee of legal representative and attorneys and so fo...

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