Essay on Ecology and the Biosphere

Essay on Ecology and the Biosphere

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Ecology, or in Greek translation "study home", is the study of the interactions of organisms between it's enviornment. While biosphere means the whole worlds ecosystem. Why are these terms so important? The reason why they are important to everything on Earth because they hold and shape all organisms that live within them. Without organisms animals, plants, and everything that we know would never be able to survive. If ecology wasn't organized and delicate, the system wouldn't be the same to the environment or to the organisms that are and were here today. Evolution, Extiction, and the formation of new species would have not taken place without ecology and all of it's many factors that are applied to the organisms and the environment. The Biosphere connects to mostly everything here on Earth and is very important in order to sustain photosynthesis, decomposition, nitrogen fixation, and many other cycles.
Ecology is a complex and extremly large subject because ecology has to deal with different parts of Biology and connections to many other subjects, such as Earth Science, Natural History, and Biology. We know for a fact that Natural History helps back up Ecology because it gives it an insight on what happened with the enviorment and how the animals behaved. But how are Biology and Ecology relative to each other? Well, due to Charles Darwins theory of distrubition of organisms and their adaptation to specific environments lead to prove that environmental factors interacting with variation within populations could cause evolutionary changes within the specific species. For example, if we take a coyote and a rabbit or a hawk and a mouse there would be a strong impact on the prey population which would lead to evolutionary changes w...

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...r in the northern hemisphere. As for December, it is the exact opposite. The southern hemisphere tilts toward the sun and causes them to have Summer and the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun causing us to have Winter. Wind patterns are created when Earth spins on it's axis which causes winds to blow east to west. And while Earth is spinning, land on the equator spins a bit faster than the poles which causes winds from the north and south to meet at the equator. Wind also take part in precipitation of water on Earth.

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