Tropical Forest Ecosystems Help to Stabalize the Climate

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Ecosystems are a system involving the interactions between a community of living organisms in a particular area and its nonliving environment. In the tropical forest there are many living and nonliving organisms that interactive for the daily growth and life in the forest. Tropical forest’s cover about seven percent’s of the earth and contains approximately fifty percent of the worlds’ species. Tropical rain forest is and interesting ecosystem, it contains different and a wide variety of species. All the species interact with one another to help sustain way of life. The major functions of the rain forest is they help stabilize the world’s climate, provide home to many plants, animals, and even people, and protect against floods, droughts, or erosions. Tropical rain forests have a characteristic structure that is made up of a number of vertical layers that reach up from the forest floor to the very tops of the tallest trees (Unknown). The major layers of the rain forest are the ground, canopy, understory, and overstory level. Each level have their own plant and species that may live t...

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