The Eclipse Represents Change, By Louis P. Masur 's Book, 1831 Essay

The Eclipse Represents Change, By Louis P. Masur 's Book, 1831 Essay

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The eclipse represents change. Change however, can give rise to uncertainty. Uncertainty can cause people to be scared and when people are scared they are capable of anything. When people are scared they can be lead into darkness and become dangerous. In Louis P. Masur’s book, “1831,” he explains how the eclipse represents the events that went on during 1831. Masur proves his point by showing how all the people currently residing in the United States started to began questioning state decisions, government decisions, slavery, abolition, religion, politics, and technology. This included slaves, slave owners, freed slaves, immigrants, Native Americans, women, settlers, naturalists, religious adherents, atheists, agnostics, and people in power.

Nat Turner’s Rebellion was when slaves out lashed against their owners and was an example Mansur used to show how this rebellion affected southerners lives because it caused them to question themselves and to look for alternative ways of living. The rebellion made people wonder whether or not slavery was a necessary evil. This rebellion only helped to divide the people into being pro-slavery or anti-slavery. Thus, causing abolitionism where they divided free and slave states. Whether Americans were pro-slavery or anti-slavery it caused violent rebellions from both sides. Slave owners during this time, often feared that there would be an economic crisis. They feared an economic crisis because once the slaves were gone, they would not be able to maintain or support the amount of crops grown on their plantation. Slave owners also feared that their slaves would start turning against then. However, some God faring people simply just believed that “god frowns upon slavery.” William L...

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...oldiers during war because they were able to get supplies more quickly and efficiently. Slave owners previously feared that they would not be able to sustain crops until new technologies emerged that would then alleviate those fears. The reaper which cut and collected crops that was automated manually for laboring processes. This device helped to replace the need for slaves.

Mansur explains how nature can both be beautiful and deadly. He does this by using James Audubon as an example. James Audubon was known for his beautiful and detailed drawings that accurately depicted each bird in their natural habitat. However, he had to kill thousands of birds and observe them in their natural habitat in order to create his beautiful artworks. The cholera epidemic claimed many lives because people didn’t really know how it was spread or should be treated until later.

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