How Did The 13th Amendment Change America

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There have been many changes by the late 1800s that have helped America change politically. For example by making the 13th amendment, the 14th amendment, and the 15th amendment. The 13th amendment was made to help end slavery in the United States. The 13th amendment gave Blacks more rights, it helped end slavery, and it highlighted that Blacks were humans. This helped give Blacks equal rights and they were treated equally and not treated as property. The 14th amendment states that everyone born in the United States was born with rights. The rights that everyone was born with was that they weren’t allowed to be deprived of anyone's peron of life, liberty, or property. This was important because this gave everyone equal rights and the only thing that you needed was to be born in America. The 15th amendment gave citizens the right to vote. This…show more content…
There were many new technological devices that helped farmers like the reaper that was created by Cyrus McCormick. Before the reaper was invented farmers would have to harvest crops by hand. But the Mechanical reaper didn’t require farmers to harvest by hand. This changed how farmer did their harvesting and this allowed farmers to do other things. Many immigrants became to come to America because of the new opportunities. Like the Gold rush. Many Chinese men came to America hoping to find some gold but they didn’t find much. Instead they were not welcomed they were required to pay more taxes. But, in the end they were able to work in the railroad. Another example of how America was changed was that African Americans had more freedom. African Americans were given the opportunity to hold jobs and go to school. This was significant because everyone was equal. Not only was America changed socially it was also changed

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