Eastern Kentucky : A Front Porch Essay

Eastern Kentucky : A Front Porch Essay

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While driving through Eastern Kentucky a person will notice many things, the beautiful mountains, small towns, local businesses, and of course houses. As in any place a person goes, the houses will vary from each other, but the houses in Eastern Kentucky will share one thing in common, a front porch. The odds of someone finding a house without a front porch in Eastern Kentucky are about the same as the odds of a person finding a house in the city with a front porch. Sitting on a front porch, watching the sun make its way down over the mountains and sharing stories of the events of your day is a regular routine for Eastern Kentuckians. A front porch isn’t just an accessory to a house, it’s a place filled with stories and memories that are only created in the warm environment brought by a front porch. As for me, my grandparents old, blue painted, wooden front porch with black metal banisters serves as a fortress, locking in some of my favorite memories.
When I see my grandparents front porch, flashes of my childhood race through my mind. My grandfather dressed in his dirty work clothes, sitting in a wooden rocking chair, leaning over the banisters spitting his tobacco into the front lawn. Family reunions that always somehow ended with us all sitting on the front porch, sharing memories filled with laughter. I experienced my first bee sting while sitting on that old, wooden front porch. It was a sunny summer day as the assailant landed on my arm, I was only five and unaware that slapping a bee against your arm would ultimately result in a sharp, stinging pain. In my family there is only one cure for a bee sting, tobacco. My father just happened to be sitting next to me and placed his tobacco on my arm which shortly began to soothe...

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...ld, wooden front porch with black banisters and old rocking chairs, most people will just see a porch but I will see a different memory each time I look at it. From the hot summer days, the warm Easters spent watching the children hide eggs in the front lawn, the cold thanksgivings where we were too stuffed to be cooped up in the house, to the cold Christmas’s where we would sit with hot cocoa, every season was porch sitting season. That old front porch has seen so many things, from my mother growing up to me and my sister growing up. When I think back on my childhood, many memories revolve around my grandparent’s front porch. Many hot summer days were spent eating ice cream and many summer nights were spent running bare foot trying to catch fireflies. My grandparents front porch will always be known to me as the keeper of my memories and the symbol of my childhood.

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