Essay about East India Compnay

Essay about East India Compnay

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VOC and EIC were the first important trading companies that seemed to have opened up trading activities in the present history . VOC stepped up efforts to improve its position in different fronts. After the company was awarded both colonial activities and monopoly on trade in the entire region, the Dutch parliament was clear about their intention. VOC strived to control all territories in Java by conquering Jakarta . During the time, it was involved in the internal politics of Java and could organize operatives to facilitate its pursuit. Even though it was using Portuguese strategies such as brutality, aspirations and courage, it managed to bring better organizations, strong financial backing, ships, and weapons. However, the company failed in its quest to control spice trade in Indonesia (Boxer 1979, p. 742). VOC factionalized nearly all kingdoms in Java making it possible to establish unimaginable foothold in the region. This helped Java region develop into land based colonial empire. This made the kingdom one of the richest colonial possessions in the global history (Tirthankar 2012, p. 34).
In 1800, VOC became bankrupt, compelling the Dutch parliament to dissolve it (Ricklefs 1993, p. 23). This gave room for Dutch government to take over the company’s possessions six years after the dissolution. Following the crushing of Javanese uprising in Java war of 1825-30 , both indentured labor, and forced cultivation system was introduced. Due to this, both Indonesians and Dutch were brought together to support the cultivation system and created enormous wealth. Fortunately, the system tied peasants to their lands, forcing the government to enforce certain policies. For instance, the peasants were compelled to use 60 days of a year ...

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...OC could not overcome (Tirthankar 2012).

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