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Droughts in Chad Essay

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Droughts in Chad
In our world, we are faced with many severe phenomenons. In the continent of Africa, droughts are one of the many phenomenons that have been acknowledged. An African country like, Chad, located east of Niger and southwest of Egypt, is a old victim of this phenomenon The Sahel regions, consisting of countries like Chad, Mauritania, Mali, etc…, face droughts regularly. Half of the country is in the Saharan Desert, while the other half, in the Sahel region. Its regular scarcity of rainfall leads to droughts. According to Hydrological Sciences Journal, “West African Sahel has experienced a significant drought which, according to some authors, corresponds to a discontinuity (abrupt change) in the rainfall series” (“Hydrological Sciences Journal”, 564). This demonstrates that a drought, or lack of annual rainfall, has occurred since the late 19th century. This paper will analyze several articles and scientific conclusions that ventilated the droughts in the Sahel region, namely Chad.
A drought is a phenomenon that occurs in many places in the world. It can be defined as the scarcity of water in an area, resulting to the quality of the land, deteriorated. Droughts can take place through human activities, or even dramatic climate changes. Drought can alter the food chain as well, by eliminating livable habitats for many species; resulting to massive extinction. However, that is more of the biological effects of droughts. Deficiency of annual rainfall can introduce the “drought effect”. Even though the Sahelian region experienced many severe droughts, 1971 to 2000 were the “three driest decades in the 20th century” (“Hydrological Sciences Journal”,564).In the Sahelian region, it is said that it received 300 to 700 mm of ...

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...no longer suffer from this phenomenon. Many scientists and authors proposed sustainable solutions like, conservation of water, concrete water management techniques, etc… Now, it is up to Chad, and the rest of the Sahelian region, to attempt to maintain this issue.

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