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Drinking Water Vs. Tap Water Essays

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Conversations often turn into arguments when the topic of bottled water versus tap water comes up. Many say that tap water is simply unsafe while others argue that the chemicals in the plastic bottles release toxic or harmful substances into our bodies as well as the environment. However, some humans consume water from public water systems, personal wells, or even bottled water; whichever is most convenient for each particular lifestyle. Some of many reasons why tap water is the more logical choice are that it is cost-effective, suitable for the environment, and healthier for human consumption.
Tap water is cost effective for various reasons. Each individual who chooses tap water is choosing to save money. For multiple reasons it mostly economical; no fuel transportation is required, therefore it is the most productive and beneficial way. Your local/city water department pumps the water through piping, gravity or a water-well. The overall cost is cheaper amongst the various types of drinking water. A great example is the cost of tap water for drinking purposes in Gainesville, Florida. Typically, “If you drink eight glasses of water every day for an entire year, the cost is 36 cents” (Gainesville Regional Utilities). As far as value, tap water cannot be compared to any other type of drinking water for an annual total cost of 36 cents. This will always be the most profitable way to consume this valuable necessity for humans.
Tap water automatically recycles itself which is more than beneficial for the ecosystem. Avoiding any type of waste damage or landfill, tap water goes right back to the sewage and gets safely filtered for re-usage. Making the decision of drinking tap water over bottled conserves both materials and en...

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...our health, saving money and giving a helping hand to earth by providing less landfill. Remember, almost all water bottles go un-recycled and eliminating these while convincing others to do so will put a stop to our precious ocean contamination. Stop providing money to random companies that bearly test their water systems. Thus help your community to use this money towards helping support a variety of different initiatives, such as improving the water projects in your local water department. Ultimately bottled water is known for causing health issues; so why risk our well-being? Needless to say, the damage these plastic bottles cause should not to be taken lightly in any manner. Lastly, although bottled water may get the job done if you are in a hurry, keep in mind that alternatively by selecting tap water you are doing yourself and the world a huge favor.

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