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dreams affect life Essay

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Dreams can take many people on different routes in their life, and around every corner are all sorts of surprises. The dreams people have, help define the way they live their life. Dreams all take place in a person’s mind and dreams can help show what the person’s wants, decisions, actions, and outcomes are. Dreams affect the path people take throughout life.
Abigail from The Crucible is a great example of someone who dreams of having the man of her lifetime, but can’t because he is married. Since John already slept with Abigail, She feels that he has a very strong connection with her. Abigail dreams of taking John from his wife Elizabeth, and marrying him living happily ever after. Abigail goes to extreme levels to get John for herself. One attempt at getting him is when Abigail goes into the woods with all the girls. Abigail, with the help of Tituba, tries to make a spell that will kill Elizabeth. Thus making John open for Abigail and letting them live together for the rest of their lives. After doing the spell, Abigail and the girls all start dancing and get caught by Parris, Abigail’s uncle. The spell that was cast doesn’t kill Elizabeth instantly, but foreshadows that later she does end up dying. Abigail also tries another way of getting John to herself, and that is by using the court to her advantage. She and the girls are evidence to the court by sensing evil coming from someone, and the court then uses that evidence to find them guilty (Miller 1273). Abigail uses this to make it look like Elizabeth tried to kill her with a poppet and a needle (Miller 1282). Elizabeth is arrested and sent to court, but John doesn’t forgive Abigail and goes to try and set things right and get his wife back (Miller 1291). In both of these tr...

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...hich have lead many people to a success life.
Finally, dreams have affected the lives of people in many different ways. Abigail’s dream lead her to a life of misery, Mrs. Mallard’s dream lead her to her death, the peoples’ dream of a free country erected the USA, and Michael Jordan’s dream made him the best player in NBA. These dreams affect how people live, how they act around others, and how they decide when a hard decision comes to them. These dreams will impact the path people take on their travel through life. 

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