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Dr. Luke was producing Kelly Clarkson songs in 2005, when he received a song demo from a friend at BMI and became interested in the singer on the tracks, Kesha Rose Sebert, later to become just Kesha. The demos by the 18-year-old impressed Luke, and he signed her to his own label, Kemosabe Records, with the intention of producing and releasing her music when he was able to find time in his schedule. For management, Kesha signed a contract on January 27, 2006, with DAS management, which is reproduced in Appendix D of this book. The agreement between DAS’s David Sonenberg and Kesha contains most of the standard provisions of a management contract, but it also includes a provision that she may end the contract if DAS doesn’t have a distribution deal with a major label within a year of her signing the management agreement with DAS. By 2008, Kesha didn’t have the promised major label recording contract, although Warner Bros had expressed interest in signing the artist; however, the label ultimately backed away from the deal because of the existing agreement with Luke’s record label. DAS and Kesha parted ways.
Luke began managing her career and guided her to RCA, where she received a recording contract in 2009 and began working on her first album, “Animal.” The album was released in early 2010, and the music from it set chart and sales records. At the time of its release, her first single, “TiK ToK,” became the longest-running single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a female artist in 33 years. SoundScan reported sales of the song at 610,000, making it the best weekly sales on the digital song chart ever by a female artist. Her album went well past platinum status, and she has sold over 25 million digital singles since the release of t...

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...seek out new technologies to promote. I am aware that the general public is all about image, perception and emotions.
Let face it, Dr. Luke, appears to be a kind and gentle man that loves music and helping other to obtain their career goals. Kesha created for him a bad boy image that gives him an edge, some mystic for rage that secretly excite and entice his appeal to women. Psychologically, places him at an advantage and not a disadvantage one because he doesn 't look the part. However, in the back of your mind, the image that you see, feel or think, will always be an unanswered possibility. Such as, Is he that rough and tough? Is he abusive and scary? Does he really have it in him? Talk will alway perpetuate more talk, accusations, innuendo and possibilities. As K. Sands once said, “Keep them guessing, don 't ever let them figure you out, they 'll expect something.

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