Theory of God and the Begining of Times

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It was wholly necessary that God manifest Himself to the world through Jesus Christ to save us from corruption. This corruption included sin and death, and the worshipping of other gods. Manifestation was necessary to be in the human form because otherwise, those people who needed to see to believe, would have remained doubtful. It was not an easy road to salvation for Jesus, but all was necessary to accomplish God’s plan, and to give us hope in eternal life in the kingdom of Heaven. Today, Jesus is still plays an active role in each of our lives.

Christians have believed that there has been one Ultimate Being since the beginning of time. There was no corruption in the beginning, and sin had not yet entered into the universe. The world was how God intended it to be until Adam and Eve sinned, and opened the gates of death to all. After this Original Sin, humankind had been plagued with the corruption of sin and death and there was only so much that they could do.

Mankind had reached the point where they were losing faith. Some began to think, “for of what use is existence to the creature if it cannot know its Maker?” (Athanasius 10). At that time, other religions had worshiped their emperors and called their rulers god (Pohle 2/18/14). Christians started diminishing in their faith because they had never seen the human flesh of their Ruler. This is why they “fashioned idols for themselves in place of the truth and reverenced things that are not, rather than God who is” (Athanasius 10). God saw the corruption of the false idols and knew something had to be done. He did not make us so we could perish and burn, but rather he wanted to see us flourish in our faith.

God entered this world in order that all might receive His s...

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..., and the praising of false idols. It was necessary for God to become human so that we may be able to finally see our Ruler in the flesh. Through all the treacherous moments Jesus endured, He ended all corruption and opened the gates of Heaven for all. Through all these deeds we must remember that “He is in truth Son of God, Existent Word and Wisdom and Power of the Father” (Athanasius 40), and that is why nothing is impossible through God. These saving actions of Jesus are important because without this manifestation, the world would still be plagued with sin and death.

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