Dow’s Expansion into Nuclear Weapons and the Aftermath Essays

Dow’s Expansion into Nuclear Weapons and the Aftermath Essays

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Dow’s Expansion into Nuclear Weapons and the Aftermath
Rocky Flats Plant, a nuclear weapons production facility managed by Dow from 1951 to 1975, produced plutonium triggers for hydrogen bombs. A number of accidents took place under Dow’s management during this period. In 1957, radioactive particles were released into the atmosphere due to the burning of plutonium dust by a fire in the facility. In 1967, 3,500 barrels (560 m3) of lubricants and solvents, laden with plutonium, leaked into the ground. Another fire took place in 1969 and it was the costliest industrial accident in the USA up to that time. Finally, Rockwell International took over the management of the facility in 1975.
In 2008, a federal judge ordered Dow and Rockwell to pay a combined $925 million in damages to citizens in response to a lawsuit filed against Dow and Rockwell in 1990. However, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision in September 2010 because the owners of the 12,000 properties in the area had not proved that their properties were damaged or that they had suffered bodily injury from the plutonium that blew onto their properties.
Vietnam War: Napalm and Agent Orange, another of Dow’s innovations
Napalm bombs was another of Dow’s innovation or rather curse on humanity that The United States military dropped on North Vietnam during the Vietnam War to burn Vietnamese civilians and soldiers alike. It was a jelly-like chemical which when sprayed over people burned them on contact. The USA continued to drop napalm bombs on North Vietnam until 1973.
Dow was one of several manufacturers who began producing the napalm B compound under a government contract from 1965. The other suppliers discontinued manufacturing the product after experiencing...

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...o be delivered.
Dow has misused its knowledge that resulted in war crimes against the innocent people and did not even leave children alone. Dow forgets that people with power and capability should exercise their judgment and use it for the welfare of society and not to destroy it. What Dow did is heinous and repulsive.
Herbicidal chemicals used in South Africa during apartheid
During the reign of the apartheid government in South Africa, Dow supplied it with herbicidal chemicals to render the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe infertile. These actions have cost it a $71 million lawsuit in New York courts by farmers who claim that their lands remain infertile till date. Separately, in October 2003, a New York lawyer filed a case against five companies, including Dow and Union Carbide, accusing them of defrauding South African workers during the Apartheid era.

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