Domino 's Pizza Case Study Essay

Domino 's Pizza Case Study Essay

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Domino’s Pizza Case Study
Domino’s Pizza Company was originally owned by Tom Monaghan and his brother James, first purchased as a mom and pop store in 1960 named Domi-Nick’s. Tom traded his car for the other half of the business in 1961, and changed the name of the store to Domino’s in 1965. Domino’s targets its sales toward middle and lower class customers that are looking to stretch their dollar and feed their family affordably. Although Domino’s has many positive aspects, it also has some downfalls. This essay will identify problems within the business, analyze what has to be done to address each issue, propose alternative solutions, and make recommendations for what Domino’s needs to do next.
Identifying Problems
Domino’s has been a successful Pizza Company for many years. However, a handful of internal issues are holding the company back from beating out competing pizza restaurants. First off, Domino’s fails to provide a healthy alternative to those customers that wish for healthier options such as fruits or salad. Their company choses to focus all of their attention and sales exclusively on pizza; while this is easier and more affordable for the company, it draws away health-minded customers.
Domino’s is geared towards customers on the go. Instead of an open restaurant style, the company only allows for carry out and delivery. While this approach is less costly than the alternative, the company is losing potential sales to competitors from customers that are looking for a sit down pizza meal out with their family.
Strategic Analyses
Domino’s faces some strategic issues that need to be addressed. For instance, their competitors in the pizza industry are gaining strength. To name a few, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Pizza Inn, a...

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...oming back, and earning their way towards a free meal. This option may even bring customers that only order once in a while to visit the store more often in hopes that they can build up their points for a free pizza in a visit in the near future.
The very next step that Domino’s needs to make is pulling their team of employees together in a huddle and making some very important short and long term decisions. They need to decide together what options will work best for their sales and revenues to raise up, and beat out their competing rival pizza firms. They need to use various strategies that will help their company to build better brand recognition not only in America, but across the globe. Together they need to determine what it will take to raise profits, by somehow increasing the potential customer base, and improving the competitive capability.

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