Domestic vs International Adoption Essay

Domestic vs International Adoption Essay

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Domestic versus International Adoption
Think back to your very first memory. Are you baking cookies with your mother? Are you throwing a baseball with your dad? Now, imagine your childhood if you did not grow up with a loving family who supported you and cared for you. Alternatively, maybe you grew up in a negative environment therefore; you understand what it is like to feel unloved. What does this have to do with adoption? There are over 1.5 million children without a family in the United States. 1.5 million children do not know what it is like to feel as though they have a purpose. The only way to solve this problem is through adoption because it provides that positive environment that the child never had. Through my research, I have found that domestic adoption is a better option for families in the United States, versus international adoption. One of the main reasons it is a better option is that domestic adoption is much less expensive in the end. A second reason domestic adoption is superior is that it is a faster process. It is quicker because the parents do not have to go through the stubborn and often very difficult adoption agencies. Also, you do not have to travel to the foreign country multiple times to meet with the agency and go through all the extensive paperwork. The last reason domestic adoption is the better option is that the child has the option to meet his or her birth parents later in life. A child who is adopted internationally often does not have any family records or medical history. Despite people saying there is not a need for adoption in the United States, as of the Census in 2000, there are over 1.5 million children ready to be adopted nationally.
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... the best thing we can do for a child who otherwise won't have a family”(Reitz). Nonetheless, it is conclusive that domestic adoption has a less chance to be as stressful on both the parents and the child.

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