Essay about Domestic Abuse : An Common Form Of Physical Abuse

Essay about Domestic Abuse : An Common Form Of Physical Abuse

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Domestic abuse something that can affect you or the people around because of the physically and mental pain you go through. Domestic abuse is when a partner in a relationship harms the other physically or mentally traumatizing them. Domestic abuse has other forms such as child abuse, elder abuse, and sexual abuse. Domestic abuse has other terms by the name of partner violence, domestic violence, spousal abuse, wife abuse, family violence, and battering.
Domestic abuse is not limited by culture, ethnicity, faiths, age, sexual orientation, and education. Sexual abuse is the most common form of Domestic abuse it’s a form of physical abuse which is most common among couples. Sexual intimacy does not have to be shown in the relationship but it can still be considered domestic abuse. It’s usually the man who is doing the domestic abuse in the relationship but it is not limited to only the man because the female can be the abuser too.
Domestic abuse when you hear it most people think of it to be among family members like children, wife’s, husbands, and even elders. Organizations usually focus their attention to women and children because they are the most likely to go through domestic violence. Sexual abuse happens in family’s which can lead to a traumatizing thing for children to which they would need counseling or consulting to deal with that mental abusive trauma.
Domestic abuse has a long history first starting off with the battered woman’s movement. It was a movement for women who said no to domestic abuse because they had enough, so they started hotlines to call and shelters for women and children who have been abused or being abused. Battered woman’s movement evolved over time when they realized that it was not just a women’s p...

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...nd lead to murder.
Social condition can lead to violence and domestic abuse against women and men. One social condition can be the family belief that one person should oversee the household which creates a conflict of dominance over one another. Abusers show personality traits like insecurity, poor verbal communication, low self-esteem, need to be dominant, and dependency needs. Domestic abuse needs to have negative consequence for abusers so they know not do to do it. Jail shows abusers they can’t get away with violence and crime showing that it is not acceptable.
In conclusion, Domestic abuse it something that still exists to this day and needs to be stopped because it will continue to grow if no one does anything about it. Tell someone about domestic abuse don’t just let it happen because it do so much damage to a person and can even cause self-harm or murder.

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