Essay on Domestic Abuse Among Military Families

Essay on Domestic Abuse Among Military Families

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Domestic abuse among military families has been rampant and comes in form of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse (Williamson, 2011). Apart from continued physical abuse, abusers cause harm to victims by being controlling, using insults, putting the victim down, name calling, and even humiliating a person in public or private. Despite efforts by the Department of Defense in declaring that domestic abuse will not be tolerated, abuse in military families has rapidly increased over the years (Williamson, 2011). It is important to address domestic abuse among military families especially against women, contribution of posttraumatic stress disorder (PSTD), and also sexual harassment among women in the military (Williamson, 2011).
Domestic Violence in Military Families
In reality, victims suffering domestic abuse fear seeking assistance and remain with the partner hoping the situation will change. Further, many fear that reporting such abuse may make things worse or they may feel ashamed to report that abuse. Among military families, the same case applies to victims of abuse and especially so since they feel indebted to individuals serving in the military for the good of the country. According to Williamson (2011), many cases of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) are perpetrated by military personnel once they return from active service. Further, Williamson declares that most victims of this abuse do not report it and endure the abuse for prolonged periods. This can be said to be as a result of the military life’s nature that is viewed with prestige and admiration by the general public. I believe a victim from a military family may feel like they would be ruining the career of their partner if they seek professional assistance.
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...and abuse. In a recent case, I encountered a husband who refused to discuss or disclose the issues the wife had raised about abuse in the home. He remained silent during the entire session and let the wife talk. After the session, he said and he had understood the pain caused by violence and would definitely avoid physical abuse towards his wife. However, three weeks later reports came back that he has assaulted his wife and she had to seek medical attention because her nose was broken. It, therefore, appears as if some of the personnel that leave the military have deep seeded stressful or withheld emotion. It is necessary to ensure that they receive appropriate treatment before integrating with their families. I think it is important to have mandatory family therapy for military families once they leave deployment to ensure that any pent-up feelings are addressed.

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